Please Forgive Me if I Act a Little Strange

This is the weekly oracle card reading for February 23-March 1, 2014.  This week’s reading is about forgiveness, self-care and self-confidence.  February was a month of emotional cleansing for many of us. The last two weeks were about cleansing and clearing emotional issues from our past and moving forward with a new sense of reinvention and renewal. Sometimes emotional cleansing can leave us feeling sad or vulnerable because our past issues reappear and we may re-experience their pain.  This week we are reminded to forgive ourselves and to forgive others. With true forgiveness we can move forward and release the past to be free from its emotional pain.  Forgive. Release. Let go.  Take this time to really nurture yourself and your feelings. Be comforting to yourself and allow yourself the opportunity to heal from the past to move forward. This week is a great opportunity to really let yourself break the ties that bind you, so you can move freely into the present. Protect what you have created in yourself and step forward with confidence and passion.

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