The Road Less Traveled

This is your weekly oracle card reading for March 9-15th. This week is about releasing negative, fear based thoughts and breaking free from a sense of entrapment.  Many times in life we may feel stuck and unable to move on from a situation where we feel trapped. The angels are here to remind you that you are not trapped. Look around for a brighter road to follow.  It may not be the road you thought you would take, but you have options all around you.  By leading yourself back to the lighted path, you will bring yourself back to your life’s path and purpose.  We must remember not to let the ego rule ourselves with negative fear based thoughts, because these are all just an illusion. The ego creates a false sense of entrapment and it can make us feel stuck and unable to move on.  The full moon at the end of this week is an important time to allow ourselves to release our fears and let our intuition guide us to where we need to go! You are all that you need to break free from the chains that bind you! Free yourself from the illusion of the cage you have around you and let yourself soar!

Many blessings!

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