Skeletons from the Closet

This is your weekly oracle card reading for March 16-22nd. Our past weekly readings have revealed that much of February was about cleansing our bodies from anything that no longer served a purpose. It’s been an early spring cleaning for the mind, body and soul. It may not always be easy to confront the skeletons you have in your closet, but removing them helps to enlighten and realign us with our life’s purpose. This week’s message indicates that we have done the hard and daunting work of clearing out anything that has haunted us from our past. We walked across the fire, balanced the forces of fait against fear, and we were successful by using our sheer will and determination! New paths lay ahead of us! The hardest work has past and it may be time for us to shed our skin and start in a new direction. We might not know where we are going, but we are ready to move on. Our lives are rebalancing and the scales are tipped in our favor. Stand up for your beliefs, do what you know is right, and the angels will be here to guide you on your way! Many blessings for a happy week!

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