This is your weekly oracle card reading for April 6-12th. This reading is asking us to have strength, to shift our perspective and take the time to enjoy life’s little luxuries. As we approach the beginning of our week, we are asked to have great strength. In this case, strength doesn’t necessarily mean physical strength, but the kind of strength that comes from having a compassionate heart. The kind of strength that helps you possess compassion towards those who might not exhibit the same capabilities of giving compassion back to you. Building this kind of compassionate strength is essential to changing our perspectives in the unique situations we face in life. When you are faced with a particularly challenging situation. Think to yourself, ‘what message am I being sent?’ Shifts in your perspective, during these situations, can cause huge revelations and provide you with the opportunity to learn something about yourself which you never thought possible. Awakenings are prevalent when we put forth the strength to have compassion for others, even when they are not providing the same kind of respect. These awakenings may cause you to rethink your career situation. The angels are stating that this is a great time for self employment, if that is what you feel called to do. Otherwise take the time at the end of the week to really enjoy what you have created and spend time relishing in life’s little luxuries. Many blessings to you this week!

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