Everythings Gonna Be Alright…

This is your weekly oracle card reading for the week of April 13th – 19th.   This week the angels are sending us healing messages so we can stay healthy and happy.  They want us to work on healing our relationships, listening to our bodies and accepting the things we cannot change. 

Ever hear the phrase, ‘laughter is the best medicine’?  The angels have reminded us to detach from the drama that is occurring around you by trying to use humor to make yourself feel better.  Think of yourself as an observer viewing the drama from a distance.  Can you find the humor?  The angels are asking that you try to find humor when life becomes challenging because each time we laugh, we release and let go! This includes drama that feeds into close relationships with others.  Finding the humor in difficult situations will help you detach and repair your relationships.  There are times when relationships can be difficult because of a person’s own internal drama that may be causing the conflict.  Ask the angels to help you with your relationships, so you are able to approach your relationships with a loving heart.

It is important to listen to the messages that are coming from your body when you are involved in relationships that contain personal internal conflict.  Use your intuition to guide you and trust your guidance, when dealing with difficult people.  Even if your approach is different from your usual behavior, trust in your intuition.  When we listen to our intuition and body to guide us, we are making the choices that are needed for our health and happiness.

Above all, this week we are strongly reminded to exercise acceptance.  Let go of trying to control your life and trust in the universe that everything is going to work out for you!  Even if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, we are asked to accept our place in life right now and know that everything’s going to be alright!  Many blessings for a wonderful week!

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