Just Breathe…

This is your weekly oracle card reading for May 4th-10th. This week we are being asked to analyze our patterns of thought. First, we are being asked to review our thought patterns for negative repetitious behaviors and second, we are being asked to review our patterns of thought for divine guidance. The angels are reminding us that our negative beliefs and patterns of thought are doing nothing to serve us. They only hold us back from our hopes and dreams and further block us from manifesting what we want in life. Analyze your thought patterns. Are you focusing more on what you don’t have, rather than what you want? Any time you feel yourself perseverating on negative beliefs, take a moment to focus and breathe. Ask for divine guidance to help you release these thoughts to shift your perspective. Then, focus on your breath. Take one minute to focus on the breath and inhale all the things you want in life while exhaling and releasing anything you do not want. Breathing exercises are a great way to stop the brain from thinking and they create more energy in the body. If you are feeling like you need a reset during this week, take one minute to practice a simple breathing exercise to clear your mind and reset your focus.

Our next action step for the week is to listen to the repetitive messages we are receiving. These messages are our divine guidance and we can receive them in the form of repetitious thoughts or repetitious phrases we hear in our surroundings. For example, if you keep hearing or thinking that you need a break and also keep seeing vacation destinations  advertised, then this is an example of your divine guidance telling you it’s time for you to slow down. You may not have time to take a full vacation, but simple retreats of self-care will help provide you with what you need to restore your positive focus. This process is all a part of our intuition and we are being taught that we can use our intuition to not only help counsel ourselves, but also counsel others. We are all naturally gifted with divine intuition and are capable of using that intuition to help guide ourselves and others. So if you feel you are receiving messages for a friend in need, please share your natural counseling skills with them. This is your natural gift! Blessings for a joyful week!

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