Progression, Unity and Love


Today’s oracle card reading centers around the new moon (also a super moon) and a time of positive advancement, unity and heart centered change.  It completes of a cycle of deep personal work.  This is when we decide it’s time to shed our skin and move toward a new direction.  It’s a great time to clear out the old to make room for the new.  You may have been working hard in your personal journey to manifest changes to come into fruition and today’s moon sets those changes into motion.  Changes in career, relationships or momentum are prominent, if you wish.

The new moon forces us to examine our daily lives, to let go of personal struggles, and self-doubt.  Listen to your intuition and see what appears for you regarding personal growth, then take the necessary steps to clear away any self-limiting beliefs.  Situations that may have seemed delayed will now move forward.

You may feel compelled to surround yourself with like-minded people and work on building personal relationships.  Review your relationships and move toward groups and organizations that support your beliefs and lifestyle.  It is an excellent time to move in that new direction and make change in your life.  Take time to review your belief systems, or the beliefs that others have bestowed on you, to make sure they are not holding you back.

You may feel as though it is time to make a decision about your life and the circumstances that surround it.  Take the time to carefully weigh your options, understanding that the changes being made now will greatly affect your future.  Consider your options and act upon them, if necessary.  Make decisions that are heart centered and you cannot go wrong.

If your health has been a challenge for you, know that you are making progress toward healing.  Take the time to heal your thoughts and notice the effects they have on your health!  When thought patterns are based in love, the body struggles to stay in a dis-ease state.  Be well, stay positive and move forward in love!  Happy transitioning!

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