Spring Cleaning for the Soul


This is your weekly oracle card reading for the week of March 9th-15th.   This week’s reading brings abundance, objective decision-making, and trustworthy advice.  At the beginning of the week you will feel like you have the Midas touch with much success coming your way.  Confidently accept any opportunities you are offered for it will be a successful time for you!

Mid-week you will be feeling that you need to do a bit of spring cleaning, it may be time to clear the clutter from your life.  Use this time wisely for making objective decisions toward anything that you feel you need to let go.  Clear away anything that no longer serves you.  It may be time to clear away any excessive baggage in the emotional compartment, too.  If you are feeling like you have relationships that are weighing you down, now may be the time to release those emotional ties.

Toward the end of the week, you will be feeling lighter after you de-clutter and purify your surroundings.  It may be time to open your heart to new possibilities that previously weren’t exposed to you through all the clutter.  If you are feeling a little on the fence about what to do next, you may be receiving trustworthy advice from someone.  Don’t take this advice lightly, it may send you down the path you need to take.  Alternatively, it may be time to do some charity work, so people can be introduced to you and all the wonderful gifts you have to offer.

For personal readings contact me at:  guidedpathreadings@gmail.com

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