Super Moon, Super News


This is your weekly oracle card reading for March 16th-March 22nd.  This week’s reading is about balance, financial abundance and good news!  In the beginning of the week you are being reminded about balancing work and play.  You may be feeling like you are burning the candle at both ends.  You are being reminded to have faith and understand that the situations you are going through are temporary and are for your best interest.  Hang in there, all of this is happening for the good of the cause!  It’s not time to give up!

Mid-week brings good news about financial situations, which will allow you to move forward in your life’s purpose.  You may be feeling that you want a change or are looking to do something more challenging and this news will help you do just that.  You may even begin to venture into a new area of study.

Toward the end of the week, the energy of the solar eclipse and super moon will bring more good news and public recognitions for all the hard work you have done.  You may be hearing news that will be quite victorious!  This news may even involve a promotion, so enjoy it, because all your hard work is now paying off!

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