Spiritual Evolutions

open heart

This is your weekly oracle card reading for the week of March 23rd – March 29th.  This week’s reading involves stalemates, speaking your inner truth, and spiritual transformation.  In the beginning of the week you are being asked to really dissect any inner conflicts you may be having.  You may be feeling like you are in a stalemate.  You may be unable or unwilling to make the choice to move forward from this inner conflict, so instead you may choose avoidance.  Additionally, you may be pretending there is not a problem at all. The message for this week suggests its time to make a choice, because avoidance is no longer an option for you.  It simply is not serving you to continue to harness you inner conflicts any longer.  It’s time to move on and release your inner strife.

You are being asked to speak your mind with confidence, in order to release the burdens that have been holding you down.  If you are feeling the need to have personal conversations with people, who you have previously struggled with or feel you are in a stalemate with, now is the perfect time to create change.  The universe is supporting you and your efforts to make peace within yourself to create inward harmony.

Spiritual transformation is inevitable when you are coming from a place of truth and are speaking your mind with a loving heart.  Allowing yourself to release your internal conflicts will help you to heal and move on.  It will create space for the advancement of your personal growth and prove to be the end of a difficult situation.  Transitions are not always easy.  Some transitions we welcome, and some are warranted, but not necessarily welcomed.  In either case, it is important we fully experience the circumstances of both, because that is where we experience the greatest release for our own spiritual transformations.  This can be a big week of spiritual transformation if you are ready to acknowledge, speak your truth, and move on.

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