The Key to Self-Discovery and Your Life’s Purpose


This is your weekly oracle card reading for the week of April 6th-April 12th.  This week’s reading brings with it timely decisions, manifestations, and self-discovery.  This week we may be faced with a situation that will require a timely decision.  Time is of the essence during this situation, but we are reminded that it is important to think things through.  This could be a change of direction in your career that will bring about abundance and balance.  You may even be faced with multiple decisions concerning your career and may feel stumped about making such decisions.  The key to making the best decision for yourself is by listening to your feelings and following your heart.  Following your heart, when making tough decisions, will help you stay on the path that is right for you.

You are reminded of your incredible abilities to manifest the life you want to create for yourself.  You are ready to begin creating; you just need to believe in yourself!  Seek out your inner truth and desires and simply start creating them.  The world really is your oyster.

Spending time in quiet contemplation will help you to discover your inner truths and desires.  Mediation will prove to be a resourceful tool for self-discovery and will help you learn about the ‘hows’and ‘whys’ of your composition and your life’s purpose.  You have the ability to manifest and create anything you want.  Take the time to sit in meditation and discover what it is you really want to manifest and how you can use these manifestations to make a difference in the world. Life is magical, start creating!

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