The Key to Making the Right Decision


This is your weekly oracle card reading for the week of April 13th-April 19th.  This week’s oracle card reading is about family, complex decisions and recognition for hard work.  In the beginning of the week you are being reminded of the happy and content family life you have created.  If you have children, know that they feel supported, content, and connected to your heart.  This is also a sign that your inner child is more content and happy.  He/she feels much more at rest and you may feel more satisfied, overall, due to the spiritual work you have been doing to release fears and sadness that were holding you back. The bounty you may feel in your home life is abundant and now it is time to move forward with that bounty and create.  Work on releasing any present day fears or regrets you may be struggling with.  Those feelings are just holding you back from your spiritual path and your spiritual connection.

The need to make a complex decision may arise and you are being encouraged to stop procrastinating and move on.  It’s time to do whatever it takes to move your life forward onto the next best thing.  Change is hard for many people, but work to release any fear or regret you may be holding and you will be able to move forward.  Your family life is content and now it’s time to create a content connection with the world, in the area of your passion / career.  You are being guided to move forward because you cannot make a wrong decision here.  Any decision you make to move forward will help you get back on your path.

You may need to be creative with your decisions, but your hard work will be recognized and it will bring abundance to your material world.  All efforts of being a team player will be graciously received and rewarded.  Let your heart be your guide in any decision-making process and connect to your higher self if you feel stuck.  You are reminded that the biggest asset you have is your connection to yourself.  Let your intuition guide you and you will not go wrong.

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