Maintaining Balance During Busy Times

the wheel

This is your weekly oracle card reading for the week of April 20th– April 26th.  This week brings with it changes in perspective, good fortune and the need for balance.  In the beginning of the week you may feel like you are at a standstill.  All action may seem like it is paused, however, this is a great time to reevaluate your situation.  Are your actions still in alignment with your goals or do they need tweaking?  Try to look at your situation from a different perspective to see if you can gain further insight.  This temporary pause is just that, temporary, so take the time to reevaluate and make any new necessary adjustments to your plans.

Positive change and forward movement will be imminent once you take the time to reflect and open your perception.  This can be a great time for a new beginning or a great time to start over.  Fortune is on your side, so don’t worry about outcomes and just focus on forward progress.  All the plans you have been trying to manifest are currently working and helping you move in the direction your path was slated to go.

In the midst of all this forward movement, you must remember to maintain balance.  It is important that we don’t forget the little lessons we have learned along our journey.  Balancing things like work and play, healthy diets, and getting enough sleep will ensure that we maintain our positive movement forward, without needing to encounter old lessons from our past.  It is important that you are aware of your wisdom from the lessons you have learned throughout your journey, of maintaining balance and inner peace, even through busy times.  Alternatively, balance could mean adjusting your plans a bit, so everyone involved can have the opportunity to thrive and be successful.  Cooperation and compromise can be essential when making big decisions.  It is not time to rush through decisions, take the time to thoroughly think things through.

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