Facing Your Fears of Letting Go


This is your weekly oracle card reading for May 11th through May 17th.  This week’s message is about creative solutions, endings, and revising your plans.  In the beginning of the week you may be feeling like there are many things occurring at once.  There are a lot of events that need your attention that occur at great speed.  You are being told not to make hasty decisions concerning these matters.  Take the time to carefully review all options and considerations before making a plan.  Alternatively, you may have to be creative with the solutions you devise to give yourself a little more time before making any big changes.

The energy mid-week is focused on endings and saying good-bye to those situations which are no longer serving your highest good.  It is time to move on from the past and make room for new beginnings that are awaiting you.  Use this time to purify those parts of yourself or your life which are just dragging you down.  This particular message has been conveyed throughout the past couple readings and is still presenting itself today, which indicates that you are still trying to hold on to your old habits, perceptions, behavior patterns, or toxic relationships, instead of letting them go. You are being reminded that in order to make room for better things to come into your life, you must let go of the old.  You will benefit by taking the time to do some serious soul-searching and facing your fears of letting go.  Holding on to that which no longer serves you, just creates more resistance in your life and seemingly makes life harder.

You may be feeling like someone has taken something from you or that you may need to revise your plans.  Don’t succumb to the illusion that you are stuck because you can make forward progress and movement through the revision of your plans.  You may be facing issues of poor timing or there may be more going on than meets the eye, but you can break free from all of these issues with a little revision.  Take the time to implement a new strategy that will carry you forward on your journey.

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