Lead, Inspire and Change



This week I am offering you a channeled message I received in mediation.  I feel it is purposed, not only for me, but for everyone who is willing to move forward for the greater good.  Enjoy!

Filter out the woes and acknowledge the accomplishments that you have made.  Be open to receiving gifts from others and do not freight, for we are here to guide you and keep you safe.  Worry is pointless for you are squashing your inner power.  Do not let fear lead you down the darken path.  Be of (and) in light and love and follow it wherever it goes.  We are here to help you be open to receiving, healing, and bringing in the light.  It is not so difficult once you clear away the ego, put your mind aside, and just be.  We are in love, we are in spirit, and we are in guidance, sending messages to help guide others for the advancement of humankind.  We are on the prefaced of change, the verge of expanding into unknown areas to allow you to grow and become one with the divine.  Reach out for help and assistance, acknowledge who you are, and own your power.  For you are truly powerful, just like everyone else.  Seek and teach, be a mentor to spread the word, and help unfold the talents and abilities of others.  Bring peace and healing into the lives all around you.  Do not worry so much, for you are doing it right.  You can relax; it doesn’t have to be perfect.  Sit and be open.  Sit for guidance and we will steer you to your vision, if you allow us to take the reins.  You are worthy and so is everyone else.  You are humbled and we are ready.  Seek, teach and inspire.  Allow your abilities to unfold.  Write, write, write, write, write.  Spread the word, be of guidance, and be of healing.  People need to hear the good, positive things, and talents and abilities that they possess.  Be noble and inspire change.  Allow yourself to come into your own so you can go and help others come into their own.  We are ready to lead, inspire and change.  Be open to receiving and you will help our mission.  We are here always, just ask for help.  Do not let the ego crowd your thoughts.  Keeping the ego in check, will allow you to grow and make change.  Be open to receiving, keep clean, and inspire.

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One Response to Lead, Inspire and Change

  1. cmostergren says:

    Loved this advice! Very helpful indeed 🙂

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