The Art of Being Grateful

What is gratefulness?  It is allowing the heart to be open.  Shining love throughout every pore of the body.  Gratefulness seeps out of every orifice and allows yourself to be completely engulfed in its feeling.  It cannot be seen or touched, but it can be felt.  Submerging yourself in this feeling of gratefulness allows you to be easily connected to your source energy. It helps you come into alignment with who you are, while guiding you on your designated path.  Being grateful is one thing, but exuding gratefulness from your body and its every essence takes some practice.  Think of it as a light shining through you where the light becomes so bright that your human essence disappears and all you can see is the light.  That is how the gratefulness should be radiating out of your body, where you are just so grateful for everything in its moment, its place, and its time.  Practicing this method daily, will help you become masterful at submerging yourself into the art of gratefulness.  Take the time to truly appreciate every single essence of your life, your world, your being, and really get to the core of just completely surrounding yourself by all of this love, through the feeling of gratefulness.  It might seem easy, but it can be more challenging than expected.  To really get into the grove of feeling it thoroughly, one must practice this method even with all of life’s challenges.  Look at challenges as opportunities to find ways to be grateful.  Ask yourself what this challenge is doing for you, rather than what the challenge is doing to you?  How has it changed your life for the better? Eventually challenges alter your life to leave you in a better situation, even if they seem tragic at first.

The art of being totally consumed by gratefulness takes patience and attention to detail.  Allow your mind to be consumed by this exercise and it will emanate from your very core.  Practice feeling grateful for every inch of your being starting from your toes all the way up to your head, and allow yourself to love every inch of your body.  Love every scar, every pain, any anguish, feel grateful for all of it and what it has to teach you, or what it has brought to your life.  Working against your challenges, such as complaining about them, only attracts more of it into your life.   The idea of ‘fighting your pain’ instead of loving and embracing it negates the whole process of letting it go.  When you can find a way of feeling grateful for those challenges, you are ready to let it go. Then the energy of that challenge can leave the body after its purpose has been fulfilled.  Examine all the challenges that you are currently facing (and truly don’t humanly love) and allow yourself to really find avenues of acknowledging the positive aspects each of those situations holds for you.  Ask yourself, how each challenge has helped or changed your life?  Did it take you in a new direction, which ultimately changed your life for the better?  Has this situation helped you to get onto a new exciting path?  By examining the positive aspects of our challenges, we can find ways to be grateful for each and everything in our life.  This helps to release the energy of each challenge from your body.  Be grateful for the lessons they have taught, the circumstances they have brought, or the new directions they have taken you.  Then love, appreciate, and with gratitude, let the energy release from you.

What can you be grateful for today?  What ailments do you feel are holding you back?  Remaining in a state of gratitude when challenges arise or when circumstances change, is not something we often practice.  Practicing acceptance towards your challenges will help you open up and allow you to be in closer alignment with gratitude. Start looking within yourself at the many ailments you may feel are restrictive and find ways to look at them as small jewels, tiny blessings, or hidden gifts.  Consume your thoughts not of the negativity it brings, but of the wonderful blessings it brings.  Allow yourself to be filled with a feeling of gratitude for all of it.  That is the practice of truly experiencing gratitude in its unconditional form.  Watch how this can transform even the peskiest of ailments.  Go within, and really start sifting through your conditions, finding ways to look at them differently so you can be completely immersed in gratefulness.  Keep your focus on the gratitude each and every day.  It is your work, it is all that matters, and anything else is just dragging you away from your practice.  Let this be consuming until it becomes automatic.  This automatic thought, will help you create and it will radically change your perceptive and your life.

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