Winter Solstice; A Time for Renewal


The days may seem dark, but there is much light around you.  As winter begins and the sun begins to hide, it is time for us to turn inward to reflect upon ourselves and to grieve our losses of what we choose to shed and let go of.  This is the time to do deep internal work.  Take the time to process and filter out all of your unfinished business, releasing and letting go, changing and moving on.

In the darkest hours of the night, you will find the most simplistic methods of cleansing your soul and allowing it to be reborn again come the spring.  It is the winter months that we symbolize with death, endings, coldness, and darkness.  It is a great time to take the opportunity to shed all of your old skin and to be reborn; emerging out of the darkness and into a new, higher space of energy and light come spring.  This should not be a time of solace, but of gratitude.  Gratitude for the opportunity to turn inward and gratitude for the time to search the very depths of your soul, cleansing out all that is no longer serving you, and renewing your spirit.

Much like the cycles of the season, the winter months are an opportunity for individuals to undergo this process of cleansing by dying and being reborn.  Death begins in the winter with its opportunities to clear and cleanse, while birth begins in the spring allowing you to reemerge as a new, lighter, and loving spirit.  Do not be frightened by these dark days (as many of you call them), but be grateful for the time you have to clear away the old to make room for the new.  We are provided this opportunity every year and now it is time to take advantage of it.  Do some serious soul-searching and shine a light on all that is buried beneath, letting it come up to the surface to be released.  Let this time be of great change for you and allow your body, mind and spirit to converge into a higher power.  Let your spirit reach its highest potential and allow yourself to manifest all the things you are seeking.  Take this time during the winter months to do all your clearing, releasing, and letting go.  Then allow yourself to be reborn again in the spring emerging as a new, ascended soul that embodies more energy of light, love, happiness, and the power to create.

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