Accepting New Opportunities-Your Weekly Oracle Card Reading

Crossroad in lavender meadow and with tree alone

This is your weekly oracle card reading for January 17th-23rd.  This week is filled with emotion, new endeavors, and sense of completion.  In the beginning of the week you may be faced with overwhelming emotions towards others.  This may come in the form of falling in love, wedding proposals, or in the form of expressing bottled up emotions.  In either scenario, you are being guided to express yourself in a balanced way.  If it is new love you are experiencing, wait and watch for your lovers intentions.  It seems that this person may be an intense lover, but may also have a wandering eye.  New opportunities are right around the corner that could bring you the long, faithful relationship you are seeking.  You may even receive an invitation to a social event that will connect you to your future mate.

Mid-week is full of opportunities and exciting new endeavors.  You are being told to fully embrace any new opportunity that comes your way!  It is time to use your ingenuity and you are fully ready to accept a new challenge.  Believe in yourself and call on your guides to help you with any doubtful thoughts you may be having, so you can take advantage of any opportunity you are handed.

The weekend brings contentment of a job well done and gratitude for the strides you have made in moving forward in your spiritual life.  You feel more balanced, open and ready to move forward in a new direction.  You are being rewarded for completing a task that has been lingering in your day-to-day activity and you are being congratulated for moving forward on this journey.  Now that you have completed this task, you are ready and being called to move on in a new direction.  Good news is coming your way!

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