Full Moon Summer Solstice Message from the Pleiades

summer solstice

Today’s channeled message from the Pleiades:

Be known to those as the seer of all things in beauty, faith and healing.  This time period is a very precious one, where we all join together to collaborate our efforts to be known in the words and sense of love and light.  We are the healers, we are the light workers, and we are the entities who chose to come here during this time period so we can manifest our dreams and desires on this peaceful earth.  It is here where we plan to stay to carry out our duties, growth in both spiritual ways and communicative ways, in an expansion of love and desire to carry more peace on to this earth.  Here we emphasize to you the downloading of information that is necessary to continue on.  In the moment we ask for you to be in peace and be open to expanding to the love that is surrounding you and the abundance and the beauty that is within.  See yourself as being the strength with the desire to move forward, honoring that strength, and lending it to anyone who needs it.  In the here and now, it may seem like a struggle to be the rock, to exhibit the strength necessary to move forward, but it is here where we shine the brightest, and where we make the biggest changes.  Allow yourself to go and be that.  Move forward within in order to move forward in life.   What we see is not a guarantee of peacefulness and happiness, but exponential bounds of growth and desires moving forward to emanate more love on this planet, more love to ourselves, and more love to others.  We will learn to be able to expand the capacity of allowing ourselves to embody more love in our presence.  Right now we are not even at the capacity to hold too much love in the sense that you see it and know it on earth.  It is much different as you know it now, but we are moving in the direction of disseminating our human selves and allowing ourselves to more fully acquire love, while being able to attain and hold it within our spiritual bodies.  Sit within this moment and this window, give yourself the opportunity to shed anything you are able to let go of, so you can embody more light and love in your physical human body.  We come not telling you to do this, but asking you to do it for yourselves and the common good.  The more love we are able to embody, the more love we are able to bring to the earth, the more it will rapidly unfold as we transition into our higher light bodies.  The shedding of the skin will be the hardest, but love in its pure form has no boundaries, nor can it be contained within the realms of the human body.  It is energy, it is everywhere, it is fluid and its fluidity wishes not to be contained in only one area.  Let yourself be expansive, let yourself rise out of the ash and allow yourself to feel the universe and all of its greatness.  We are here to explain to you that this is a process, but it is very transformative, healing, and helpful to unite the greater good.  Sit in its presence and allow yourself to move fluidly through it, being of love, and then allowing it to shine from the very depths of your soul.  This is the moment, take this rare opportunity to allow yourself to expand and grow in ways you never thought imaginable.  We are guiding the earth and all of the earthly energies to this common ground and feeling.  Allow us to help you as you help yourself through the expansion process, while allowing yourself to unfold.

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