Finding Peace and Self-Empowerment after the Election


In this day and age, we much rely on statistics and facts to get our information, to keep us abreast of what is going on, and to inform us of all we need to know.  But at this point, we’d like you to retreat.  Retreat into seclusion to become more grounded.  Focus inwardly on your feelings and stay away from such media posts, news or information that allow fear to breed and feelings of being scared and afraid to grow.  Retreat inward into your natural alignment of energy, allowing yourself to come into full balance, staying grounded and knowing that the power you truly possess comes all from within.

It is true that it can sometimes be scary how people govern over us, but we are here to inform you that you are not powerless, instead so full of power.  Retreating to an inward state of mind and not being so outwardly focused on the news or the media, will help withdraw the feelings of fear and sadness some of you are breeding.  While we can understand why these feelings are occurring in you, we do not suggest you continuing them any further.  In its absence, think and breed about the future you want to see.  Think and breed the desires you want in your life.  Sometimes people come into our life to create a shift in cosmic thinking.  Whereas old regimes would not allow, new regimes (whether we deem them as good or bad) can create such shifts in thinking, whether we want them to or not.  It is time for you to realize that you are in control now.  You can open your mind to the possibilities of what you want to create.  Such things cannot be possible with the feelings of safety, security and uniformity all around.  Do you see the difference?

With all this change, uncertainty, and feelings of uncertain impulsivity by your leader, this will help you to put a more direct emphasis on your thoughts and your manifestations, rather than being led by one person. What we are trying to say is that if you would have gotten more of the same, it would have been difficult for you to expand and change.  But now that there is a stark contrast before you, it is easier for you to discern the differences between what you see and what you want to create, therefore, allowing yourself to focus more intently on what it is you want and desire.  This puts you in a place of internal focus that will help shift your perspectives, change your desires and outlooks, and help you to realize that you possess all the power you need to make those changes within you.  Yes there may be a leader, but you do not need to focus so much on the person that is leading per se, rather than focusing on your own desires and creations that could not be possible if this great contrast weren’t put in front of you. Forget everything else at the moment and focus on that.  Focus on the fact that if things would have always stayed the same, and people would have stayed comfortable, that actual change would have not occurred as fast or as frequently as it could and will now.  This is your individual time to grow.  We ask that you harness this ability and take back your power.  This is a great time for the return and growth of self-empowerment.

This may be a big concept to follow, but we would like you to focus on this aspect in the upcoming weeks, in the next few years, and put your thoughts and focus on the desires you wish to create and manifest, instead of other distractions of fear.  Harness in those abilities to manifest your desires and create the life you want to see within yourself.  You no longer need to depend on other people for creating your own reality.  You have the power.  You have all you need.  –The Ezekiels, 11/9/16

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